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NEWS Super Legend XP Options Up the Performance

The Super Legend XP from American Legend offers greatly enhanced performance incorporating many new features and making it today's most capable, newly manufactured Cub. The Super Legend XP with eXtra Performance options is now available as a factory produced ready-to-fly aircraft (E-LSA), or as an amateur-built kit (EAB) that can be certified up to 1,750 gross weight.

Legend Cub Extra Performance
The Super Legend XP with eXtra Performance options

While performance enhancements are many, the primary features of the Super Legend XP are square wing tips, extended flaps and ailerons, and 40-gallons-usable fuel tanks. The wing modifications on the Super Legend XP provide greater control authority along with stunning slow speed characteristics and higher top speed. Extra fuel capacity allows for longer roundtrip flights, particularly important when flying into remote areas without a fuel stop.

Legend Cub Acme Aero Shocks
The Legend Cub with damped Acme Aero Bush Shocks.

The Super Legend XP also introduces high-performance landing gear beginning up front with an extended cabane vee. This stretches the main wheels three inches forward and adds three inches in height. The custom-made cabane vee is the perfect match for bigger engines (up to 180 hp) and tundra tires (up to 31 inches).

New damped shocks from Acme Aero match modern, cutting edge shock absorber technology for the first time to the Legend Cub. Acme Aero are veterans of NASCAR, F1 and Baja Racing, and masters in their craft of high performance suspension systems. The Acme Aero Bush Shocks regulate rebound and compression giving Legend Cub pilots more precise landing control than ever.

Fat Tires Legend Cub
The Super Legend XP with extended gear, damped shocks, tundra tires, and T3 tailwheel.

At the rear, a new T3 Tailwheel Suspension System replaces the Cub's customary static leaf spring with a dynamic coil spring. Shock absorption with the T3 is well balanced, neither too abrupt nor too yielding. The T3 system works with popular Scott and ABI baby bushwheels.

Legend Cub buyers can also select among new 8- or 10-inch Grove wheel/brakes matched to fit to Desser Aero Classic smooth tundra tires in an array of sizes. At the pedal end, pilots have a choice between toe brakes or the Legend Cub's standard heel brakes.

Fuselage options have also been added with the Super Legend XP. These include L-21 style extended rear windows and skylight. The extra "glass" allows for nearly 360-degree viewing, a bonus when flying low-and-slow liaison operations such as surveillance and reconnaissance, or simply sightseeing.

Legend Cub - Super Legend
The Legend Cub with extended flaps, and L-21 style extended rear windows and skylight.

Along with improved rear visibility, the Legend Cub now makes use of interior space in the rear fuselage. Extended baggage areas, both upper and lower, allow transport of lengthy and bulky gear. Utility is further enhanced with side access doors and a folding rear seat.

Legend Cub Baggage Doors
Legend Cub with extended baggage areas, side access doors and a folding rear seat.

With the Super Legend XP, a host of previously available options continue to be popular. A lightweight paint scheme, available on all Legend Cub models, uses a Nevada Silver/Grey base coat with a Poly-Tone top coat. In addition to saving weight, the strength and durability of these coatings are without equal. The system can be polished to a high luster that sheds water and dust.

Legend Cub - Super Legend
The Super Legend in lightweight Poly-Tone paint. Yellow with lightning bolt also available.

Advanced avionics in a Cub's panel are certainly not a requirement, but pilots always do appreciate the extra convenience. SmartCub panels in the Legend Cub include the Garmin G3X glass panel with autopilot offering everything imaginable, at your fingertips. There's also an iPad panel, including rear seat mounts and power ports, for today's tablet, phone and device equipped pilots and passengers.

Legend SmartCub aera 796
Legend SmartCub panel with Garmin aera 796 MFD/EFB, G5 EFIS, and a radio stack.

When launched, the Legend Cub was coveted for its dependable Continental flat-four engine. Next, the Super Legend introduced more power with its Lycoming O-233. Today's Titan-equipped Super Legend HP adds even more muscle.

With the Super Legend XP, the Titan engine introduces a dual fuel configuration performing equally well on mogas or avgas. The switch-selectable engine control adjusts timing to either fuel type. A surplus of power remains available on mogas or avgas. A newly optimized Catto propeller for the Legend Cub ensures high performance on takeoff, cruise and landing no matter which engine you choose.

With the new Super Legend XP options, any way you look at it, a Legend Cub offers more... In performance, capability and, most importantly, in pilot satisfaction. (Photos courtesy of Jim Wilson Photography.)

Check out the Super Legend and Legend Cub today, visit or call 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE 5-Star Luxury, Award Winning Piper Tri-Pacer Restoration

American Legend Aircraft Company (ALAC) congratulates Mark Wyant of Dallas, Texas, for his award of Reserve Grand Champion Silver Lindy at AirVenture 2017. Wyant presented his restored 1958 Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer at the big EAA event in Wisconsin and was a hands down favorite in the contemporary category awards.

Legend Cub - Tri-Pacer Restoration Silver Lindy
This 1958 Piper Tri-Pacer restoration was 5-star luxury all the way.

ALAC worked with Wyant on a monthslong refurbishing effort, bringing the aircraft to better than showroom new condition. The aircraft was flown into Wittman Field by Darin Hart, owner of ALAC.

Legend Cub - Tri-Pacer Restoration Silver Lindy
Darin Hart with Mark Wyant and crew with the award-winning Piper Tri-Pacer.

The Tri-Pacer (N8664D) was the first airplane Mark Wyant flew with his dad. Aiming to preserve this experience and his early memories of flying, Wyant tracked the airplane down and bought it. Its connection to his father drove a desire to fully restore the aircraft without reservations. In doing so, Wyant drove the costs well in excess of comparable aircraft, as is often done in classic restorations.

Legend Cub - Tri-Pacer Restoration Silver Lindy
A beautifully restored Piper Tri-Pacer flanked by Mark Wyant, Billy Collum, and the EAA Silver Lindy award.

Wyant comes from a family of hotel operators. He also had a 22-year flying career with American Airlines and American Eagle. Today he flies a Cessna Citation Mustang for business, which is developing boutique hotels. These include The Saint Hotels in New Orleans and Key West Florida, and his next hotel venture on the San Antonio River Walk. In much the same way as his hotel projects, Wyant insisted on 5-star luxury all the way for the Tri-Pacer restoration.

For more information on Restoration Services at American Legend Aircraft Company, visit or call 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE For Repeat Customer Joe Edwards, Life is Good

Joe Edwards revels in taking leisurely flights and "flying with anybody I can get to climb in the plane with me." Speaking from his home in Arkansas, Edwards further decries, "My Legend Cub has put fun back into flying for me. It lends itself so readily to leisurely, scenic, low-demand flying."

Super Legend XP
Joe Edwards' third Legend Cub is Titan-powered with performance enhancing options.

If flying for the sanctity of fun were a crime, Edwards is the enviable reprobate. He's been flying Legend Cubs since 2007. His most recent, and third acquisition, is a Super Legend XP with all the excesses he could convince the factory to build for him.

You may have encountered Joe Edwards and his Legend Cub at one of many adventure/STOL fly-ins such as Johnson Creek, Byrd's Adventure Center, or New Holstein. If not, keep an eye out for his imposing yellow bird. It will be perched proudly on its lofty undercarriage or leaping tempestuously off the turf with its aggressive powerplant/propeller combination.

Edwards, now in his sixties, boasts having had the flying bug since he was a teenager. He was introduced to flying by his father, a test pilot for Cessna. Like many others, Edwards first met the Legend Cub at Sun 'n Fun. What impressed him most was the attention to detail and the apparent quality of its construction.

Edwards has rebuilt planes in the past. He also owns another aircraft besides the Legend Cub, a Beech Bonanza. With his extensive flying experience and aviation background, he affirmed that he's in a position to know the difference. "The Legend Cub is one of the best around. It is the best quality product on the market, in my opinion."

Super Legend XP
This Super Legend XP sports many eXtra Performance enhancements.

In 2008, Edwards purchased his first Legend Cub, a 100-hp AL3. At the time, he just wanted something to play with. He had shopped many J-3s, but there were always concerns with what lay beneath. In his review of new aircraft, he chose a Legend Cub, even over a Carbon Cub, for its better craftsmanship.

Second in his succession of ownership was a Super Legend. Edwards ordered one well before its certification, waiting two years to take delivery. He was certain it would perform to his expectations, and predicted a high level of quality. Now in the hands of a capable female pilot in Georgia, Edwards keeps watch on his former Legend like a father to a child.

Prior to selling the Super Legend, Edwards approached Darin Hart, owner of American Legend Aircraft Company, with a shopping list of twelve modifications he considered to be his ideal plane. The consummate Legend Cub pilot wanted something "part Maule, part Cubcrafters, and part Husky, but of course all Legend. And, if practical," stating to Hart, he wanted "to incorporate all twelve. The only line would be drawn at weight considerations."

Super Legend XP
This Super Legend XP equipped with T3 tailwheel and baby bushwheel.

Thus, began the experiment. Leading the list, Edwards desired the ability to use auto gas. The Titan engine with its low-compression cylinders made this possible. An ignition switch was added to change the timing, optimizing burn rate for both avgas and mogas. "In both settings," Edwards noted, "there's still a surplus of horsepower." At home, he runs exclusively auto gas. When on the road, he uses avgas.

Having the right propeller on an engine can make a big difference. Edwards confirmed, "The Catto prop performs well in both climb and cruise, without over revving the motor." To validate its effectiveness, Hart and Edwards performed a pull test. The result was a 20- to 25-percent static thrust increase with the Catto prop, a 120-pound improvement. At 2300 RPM flying cross country, Edwards reports, "100 mph even with the big tires." The Catto is now the standard prop for the Titan engine-powered Legend Cub.

Super Legend XP
The Super Legend XP with Titan engine and Catto propeller.

More of Edwards' flying experience comes from gliders. From this he learned that more span means a more efficient wing. Hence, his Super Legend XP has square wingtips. It stalls at eight mph less, at approximately 25 mph. Longer flaps also contribute to the improved performance.

For Edwards, the Super Legend XP is the best of all worlds. "It cruises more comfortably and performs STOL with the best." On a recent Idaho trip, the extended fuel and spacious baggage bay played an important role.

Edwards says the extended gear helps with the heavier Titan engine up front. The baby bushwheel and T3 suspension also help with weight distribution and control. When landing, he finds the aircraft to "stall and mush very well." He claims, "The Titan engine is in excess of what is needed for this airplane, but it really does the job well. Also, cosmetically the XP looks bigger, larger, heavier; an added benefit but not a driving factor in my purchase decision."

Speaking of the types of adventure flyers he acquaints himself with, Edwards said, "I ran with a bad element. In order to maintain my standing with them, I was able to obtain an airplane that really performs." (Photos courtesy of Jim Wilson Photography.)

For more information, visit or call 903-885-7000, or seek out Edwards and the Super Legend XP at an adventure fly-in near you.

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