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How To Fly A Piper Cub Booklet
Reproduction of the booklet "How to Fly a Piper Cub." A step-by- step pictorial familiarizing and instructing on the Piper Cub Trainer. Originally produced by Piper in 1945.
Box Seat Over Hell - Book
Box Seat Over Hell: The True Story of America's Liaison Pilots and their Light Planes in World War II.
Polo Shirt with Legend Logo
Legend Logo Embroidered Cotton Polo Shirt in Assorted Colors
Polo Shirt with Cub Logo
Cub Logo Embroidered Cotton Polo Shirt in Assorted Colors
American Legend Aircraft Company - The Legend Cub
The Shirt Pocket Mountain Flying Guide
Mountain Flying Guide by Sparky Imeson is a pocket-sized book that provides the information you need to know to keep you out of harm's way.
Instrument Flight Review by Parma
Instrument Flight Review by Art Parma offer a shortcut to the IFR Proficiency Check.
Guide to the Flight Review by ASA
Be well prepared for your next flight review. This book provides complete preparation for issuing or taking a flight review.
Technician Training Kits by Jeppesen
These Jeppesen Technician Trainings Kits are created from the best of Jeppesen's training tools, assisting the student with all of their training needs.
Test Guide by Jeppesen
FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guides by Jeppesen
Aviation Maintenance Technician General by ASA
The Aviation Maintenance Technician Series by Dale Crane sets the pace for maintenance technician training and attaining a level of quality that surpasses all other maintenance textbooks.
Weight and Balance Handbook by ASA
Pilots and AMTs will gain the necessary knowledge on the subject of aircraft weight and balance, in preparation for the FAA Knowledge Exam as well as safe flight and maintenance operations.
Surviving the First 24 Hours Handbook
Safety Counselor, Dean Charron's Surviving The First 24 Hours of a Forced Landing is a significant breakthrough in understanding what it takes to actually survive the first 24 hours after a forced landing.
Standard Aircraft Handbook for Mechanics and Technicians
The Benchmark Portable Manual Since 1952. The definitive nuts- and-bolts manual for all-metal aircraft, from Cessna 150s to Boeing 747s.
Seaplane, Skiplane, Float/Ski Equipped and Helicopter Operations Handbook
This operational handbook introduces the basic skills necessary for piloting seaplanes, ski-planes, and helicopters equipped with floats or skis.
Powered Parachute Flying Handbook
Powered Parachute Flying Handbook is essential reading for applicants preparing for the exams for private, commercial, or flight instructor pilot certificates with powered parachute.
Pilot's Radio Communication Handbook
An up-to-the-minute revision of the VFR pilots' sourcebook, this handbook adds important depth to the most thorough treatment of how to communicate confidently from the cockpit.
Pilot Medical Handbook by ASA
The Pilot Medical Handbook was compiled as a guide for full competency of the physiological aspects of flying, as well as those that influence workload and fatigue, decision making, and situational awareness.
Parma Pilot Handbooks
Parma's Student & Instrument Pilot Handbooks
Rod Machado's Pilot Handbooks
The answers to all things piloting can be found in Rod Machado's Pilot Handbooks. Written in the fun and accessible style that has made Machado a highly popular public speaker.
American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub 
and Super Legend. FAA-approved aircraft for adventure, sport, 
recreation, and training. Powered by Continental, Lycoming and 
Titan engines. Kit-built or ready-to-fly light-sport aircraft.
American Legend Aircraft

The Legend Cub is a two-place, LSA certified aircraft designed for airfields of any size and surface. The Legend Cub takes you to more places than ever before.
Learn more about American Legend Aircraft Company.

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"I have seen much better directional control with my students’ takeoffs and landings after spending time in the Cub. They tend to be much more subtle on the controls after flying the Cub as well."
- Robert Baker, Waco Flying Service Instructor
"As a CFI I have also issued a couple dozen Tailwheel Endorsements and Flight Reviews in ‘Big Al’ "
- Garry Wing, Commercial Pilot, CFI and Legend Cub Owner
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