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How To Fly A Piper Cub Booklet
Reproduction of the booklet "How to Fly a Piper Cub." A step-by- step pictorial familiarizing and instructing on the Piper Cub Trainer. Originally produced by Piper in 1945.
Box Seat Over Hell - Book
Box Seat Over Hell: The True Story of America's Liaison Pilots and their Light Planes in World War II.
Polo Shirt with Legend Logo
Legend Logo Embroidered Cotton Polo Shirt in Assorted Colors
Polo Shirt with Cub Logo
Cub Logo Embroidered Cotton Polo Shirt in Assorted Colors
American Legend Aircraft Company - The Legend Cub
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Radio & Transponder
Garmin GTX 345 Mode S Transponder
The GTX 345 is an All-inclusive 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” & "In" Transponder Solution with GPS
Freeflight ADS-B Out WAAS GPS Kit
FreeFlight Systems Model 1201 WAAS GPS sensor with Trig Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out transponder.
Stratus ESG & 2S ADS-B System
Stratus ESG 1090 ES ADS-B (Out) and 2S ADS-B (In) System
Garmin GTX 335 Mode S Transponder
The GTX 335 is an All-inclusive 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” Transponder Solution with GPS **Special Pricing
Trig TT31 Mode S Transponder
The TT31 Mode S 1090ES Transponder is compatible with existing Bendix King KT76A and KT78A transponder trays making it a fast, cost-effective retrofit option.
Trig TT22 Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out
Trig makes the world’s smallest and lightest Mode S certified GA transponders. The TT22 Trig compact transponder can fit into to the tightest panel space.
Garmin GTX 23 ES Remote Digital Transponder
Remote digital transponder, with Mode S, for G3X Touch
Trig Slimline VHF Radio
Trig TY96/TY97 aircraft radio. Dual 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz in a slim-line, lightweight, certified 10 Watt or 16 Watt designs for general aviation and light sport applications.
Trig TN70 WAAS GPS Receiver and Antenna
Compliant ADS-B Out solution for any Trig transponder. The TN70 is simple to install and provides a great way to add a certified C145 WAAS GPS receiver to complete your ADS-B Out installation.
Trig Compact VHF Radio
The TY91/TY92 is a compact, low weight aircraft radio with 8.33 and 25 kHz channel spacing. It is easier to use and faster to tune with its unique ‘push step’ feature providing the fastest in class frequency selection.
Garmin GTR 200 Comm Radio
Powerful 10 W Comm Radio
Garmin GTR 20 Comm Remote Radio
Powerful 10 W Comm Radio for G3X Touch
Garmin GPS 20A WAAS
GPS 20A provides a simple, self-contained WAAS position source that works with most 1090 ES transponders to meet the latest Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) rules for ADS-B “Out” compliance.
Garmin SiriusXM Receiver Kit
The Garmin GXM 42 is a portable SiriusXM Weather & Radio Receiver/Antenna. Kitted for Legend Cub.
Garmin GDL Portable SiriusXM/ADS-B Receiver
Garmin GDL 50/51/52 Portable SiriusXM/ADS-B Receiver
American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub 
and Super Legend. FAA-approved aircraft for adventure, sport, 
recreation, and training. Powered by Continental, Lycoming and 
Titan engines. Kit-built or ready-to-fly light-sport aircraft.
American Legend Aircraft

The Legend Cub is a two-place, LSA certified aircraft designed for airfields of any size and surface. The Legend Cub takes you to more places than ever before.
Learn more about American Legend Aircraft Company.

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American Legend Aircraft Company
1810 Piper Lane
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 (map it)
Airport Identifier: KSLR

Tel: 903-885-7000
Fax: 903-538-9933
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"I have seen much better directional control with my students’ takeoffs and landings after spending time in the Cub. They tend to be much more subtle on the controls after flying the Cub as well."
- Robert Baker, Waco Flying Service Instructor
"As a CFI I have also issued a couple dozen Tailwheel Endorsements and Flight Reviews in ‘Big Al’ "
- Garry Wing, Commercial Pilot, CFI and Legend Cub Owner
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