American Legend Adds Performance Options to Legend Cub

American Legend Adds Performance Options to Legend Cub

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, MAY 9, 2017 – American Legend Aircraft Company announced today a cache of new options to enhance the performance of its Legend Cub. Since inception in 2005, enhancements to the Cub design have differentiated and made the Legend Cub more enjoyable to fly while adding comfort, convenience and safety.

Optional equipment is what lures buyers to new aircraft. Bigger engines and better avionics essentially transformed the Legend Cub into models such as the Super Legend and Legend SmartCub. Carbon fiber floats led to the launch of the Legend AmphibCub. Today the enhancements go even deeper.

A better (landing gear) bungee has long been on the list of desires for vintage taildragger pilots. Acme Aero Shocks and American Legend Aircraft Company are filling that want with modern cutting edge shock absorber technology. Acme Aero’s new damped shock units take the place of spring shocks on the Legend Cub and give pilots more precise landing control than ever.

Acme Aero Shocks regulate rebound and compression with their proprietary system. Shock body and extension are made from 7075 corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum with all stainless steel internal components. Company owners are veterans of NASCAR, F1 and Baja Racing and masters of high performance suspension systems. Net weight increase with Acme Aero Shocks on a Legend Cub is just 4.0 lbs.

Lightweight paint affords an opportunity to save weight on aircraft. The Legend Cub’s new lightweight paint option sheds seven pounds. The process uses Poly-Tone as a top coat over a Nevada Silver/Grey base coat. A color stripe is added for effect. The system offers thermo-expansion and elasticity, is non-shrinking, fire-retardant and chemical-resistant, and can be polished to a high luster. Custom paint schemes will continue to be offered as well as the standard Legend Cub yellow with ubiquitous lightning bolt.

An XP Kit, for extra performance, is now available on Legend Cub E-LSA models. Mods include square wing tips, extended flaps and ailerons, plus 40-gallons-usable fuel tanks. Stunning slow speed characteristics, higher top speed and greater control authority are the result. Extra fuel capacity allows for longer roundtrip flights without a fuel stop.

New Legend Cub fuselage options include L-21 style extended rear windows and skylight. These changes allow for nearly 360-degree viewing when flying low-and- slow and liaison operations such as surveillance, reconnaissance and pleasurable sightseeing.

A second fuselage option now offered on the Legend Cub makes use of space in the rear of the aircraft. Extended baggage areas, both upper and lower, allow transport of lengthy and lightweight gear. Utility is further enhanced with a side access door to the compartments.

The Legend Cub now offers more in the undercarriage. An extended landing gear option puts the wheels three inches forward and adds three inches in height. A custom made cabane vee is the perfect match for bigger engines and tundra tires. Standard 1-1/4” axles ensure compatibility with modern brakes and wheels.

To fully enhance the landing experience, the Legend Cub accommodates a range of tundra tires, sized from 8.50 to 31 inches for standard 6-inch rims. Plus, buyers can upgrade even further with new 8 or 10-inch Grove wheel/brakes match fitted to larger Desser Aero Classic smooth tundra tires.

Better brakes that assist in taxi turns and hold firm on short takeoffs have always been standard on the Legend Cub. Now toe brakes are available for those who are more comfortable with this pedal arrangement.

For today’s tablet, phone and other device equipped co-pilots and passengers, a rear seat power port option is now available. An often requested option, it is located in upper wing root.

Not since 2006 has the Legend Cub added so many options. There are enough new niceties now to make current owners current customers again. The company is also seeing holdouts finally buying-in and rusty pilots getting back to flying. The experience of flying a Legend Cub keeps improving.

Previously introduced, and still available, options on the Legend Cub include: Garmin G3X glass panel with autopilot, iPad panel mount, Aero LEDs landing and wing tip lights, vortex generators, Lithium-ion lightweight battery, custom upholstery for both seat positions, AmSafe airbag seatbelts, BRS parachute, Sirius XM, engine monitors, and amphibious carbon fiber floats.

Options are also available on E-LSA and EAB with higher gross weight of 1,750 lbs. American Legend Aircraft Company continues to be one of the most successful manufacturers of sport and recreational aircraft and is noted for its exceptional product support. American Legend is renown for building a true Cub, one that is sensibly modern, competitively priced, and built to last.

See the Legend Cub lineup at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 24–30, 2017.

For further information on the Legend Cub, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; call 903-885-7000, or log on to Follow us on and

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American Legend Aircraft Company announced new performance 
options for its Legend Cub. Since 2005, 
enhancements to the Cub design have differentiated and made 
the Legend Cub more enjoyable to fly while 
adding comfort, convenience and safety.
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