Flight Training in a Legend Cub

Flight Training in a Legend Cub

The Legend Cub as Trainer

Flight Training in a Legend CubWhile early airplanes were equipped with a tailwheel, or skid, pilots learned to tame these aircraft using both their hands and feet, i.e. stick and rudder. And the thrill of landing tailwheel aircraft on unimproved fields led pilots to places thought few and far between.

Today, pilots fly tailwheel aircraft with the same, endless sense of adventure. A pilot with a tailwheel endorsement is one who has endured the challenges of flying on unimproved fields and one who truly understands how to tame an airplane.

At American Legend Aircraft Company, we believe the tailwheel pilot to be one who possesses an exceptional set of piloting skills. In the same way pilots in the 40s and 50s learned to fly in Cubs and similar aircraft, today’s pilots are finding the enduring Cub to be among the best training platforms around.

These classic aircraft inspire an acute sense of airmanship that cannot be learned in a contemporary nose-wheel design or taught in a simulation environment. Yet tailwheel skills are the most essential elements of safely and precisely controlling an airplane of any type.

Legend Cub pilots are an exceptional group of individuals who possess a set of stick and rudder skills that today remain admired among pilots of all experience levels and from all reaches of the globe.

Where to Train in a Legend Cub

CA - FlyTheWing, www.flythewing.com, Garry Wing

CA - Foothill Aircraft, www.foothillaircraft.comCurtis Cable

FL - Wrong Brothers Flight Training Wing, www.fergusonairport.com or wrongbrosftw.com, David McCartney

NC - Robert Parker at Harnett Regional Jetport Airport in Erwin, North Carolina

NC - Charles Lewis at South Oaks Aerodrome in Winterville, North Carolina

NH - Hampton Airfield, www.hamptonairfield.com, Mike Hart

TX - Big Q Aviation, www.bigqaviation.com, Carol Walker

TX - Bruce Bohannon at Flyin' Tiger Field in Angleton (Houston), Texas

TX - Dabney Aviation, LLC, www.masterthetailwheel.com, Aaron Dabney

TX - Four Winds Aviation, www.tail-wheel.comDave Honaker

TX - Gideon Jones of Sport Wings Enterprises in LaPorte (Houston), Texas

WA - Daryl Hickman of CubFlying.com in Auburn, Washington

"The Legend Cub is the best trainer ever built."
  - Bruce Bohannon. Click here to watch the interview

Other Places to Train in a Taildragger

Fly a 
Legend CubAZ - Chandler Air Service, www.aerobatics.com, Steve Smith

CA - AeroDynamic Aviation, www.aerodynamicaviation.com

CA - Aviator Flight Training, www.aviatorflighttraining.com, Daniel Wotring

FL - Ocala Aviation Services, www.ocalaaviation.com, John Nawrocki

FL - Tailwheels Etc. Flight School, www.tailwheelsetc.com, John Amundsen

ID - Mountain Canyon Flying, www.mountaincanyonflying.com, Lori MacNichol

IN - Wild Aerobatics, www.wild-aerobatics.com, Mike Wild

LA - Cubs Floats and Funwww.cubsfloatsandfun.comDavid Lewis

LA - Tubreaux Aviation, www.tubreauxaviation.com, Jeremy Williams

MD - Andover Flight Academy, www.andoverflight.com, Damian DelGaizo

MD - Buckley Aviation, www.aerobaticlesson.com, Marianne Buckley

ME - Center for Classic Aircraft Skills, www.flyccas.com, Jeff Russell

MO - Advanced Tailwheel Training, www.advancedtailwheeltraining.com, Ron Dillard

NC - Wings of Carolina Flying Club, www.wingsofcarolina.org, Sarina Houston

OR - Tailwheel Town, www.tailwheelersjournal.com, Brian Lansburgh

PA - Brandywine Flight School, www.brandywineflightschool.com, Jim Wawrzyniak

TX - Chase Snodgrass of www.flybigbend.com in Presidio, Texas

TX - Cutting Edge Aviation, www.cuttingedgeaviation.com, Jason McDuffee

TX - Harvey & Rihn Aviation, www.harveyrihn.com, Debby Rihn-Harvey

TX - Hill Country Aero, www.5c1.net, Barry Pruitt

TX - Jim Phillips of Phillips Flying Ranch in Poetry (Dallas), Texas

TX - ProMark Aviation Services, www.promarkaviation.net, Ken Wittekiend

TX - San Angelo Flying Enterprise, www.sanangeloflying.com, Patrick Nuytten

TX - Texas Taildraggers Flight School, www.texastaildraggersinc.com, Joy Bowden

WI - Cub Air Flight, www.cubair.net, Steve Krog

WI - Morey Airplane Company, www.moreyairport.com, Richard Morey


Search for a NAFI tailwheel instructor at www.nafinet.org.

Find an instructor at SAFE www.safepilots.org.

Suggest a flight school, send us an email.

American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub 
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The Legend Cub is a two-place, LSA certified aircraft designed for airfields of any size and surface. The Legend Cub takes you to more places than ever before.
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"This is the best of all worlds. Beauty, reliability, power, and safety."
- Sean "Flopper" Cushing, Legend Cub Owner
"I really love flying the airplane for the pure joy of it. It takes you back to how flying originally was."
- Alec Birchfield, Student of Waco Flying Service
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