The Legend Cub is today's most popular American manufactured light-sport aircraft, FAA & ASTM certified.
Legend Cub, Closed Cowl **Delivery Position & Specs
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Legend Cub, Closed Cowl **Delivery Position & Specs
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Legend Cub, Closed Cowl **Delivery Position & Specs
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Legend Cub, Closed Cowl, with Continental Engine

The closed-cowl Legend Cub has a PA-11 style pressure cowl with the classic O-200 engine. The Continental Motors O-200 engine delivers 100 horsepower and resonates the authentic sound of period Cubs. Standard equipment includes: classic wood prop, traditional yellow paint with black lightning bolt, vinyl seats with cloth inserts, basic panel (altimeter, airspeed, inclinometer, tachometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, voltmeter), 406 MHz ELT, 6.00 x 6 tires.

Options include: Custom Paint Schemes, Extended Baggage Area, Exterior Baggage Door, Vortex Generators, Seaplane Propeller, Float/Ski Attachment Fittings, Lithium-ion Lightweight Battery, Tundra Tires, Bushwheel Tailwheel, 2-Axis Autopilot, Amphibious Floats.

Comfort options include: Cloth, Ultraleather and Full Grain Leather Seats with Lightweight Cushions, AmSafe Airbag Seat Belts, AeroLEDs Wig-wag Landing Light System and Strobe/Position Light System, Extended Aft Window and Skylight Glass.

Avionics options include: Radio, Intercom, Transponder, Glass Panel, Angle of Attack, Moving Map, Synthetic Vision, Engine Instrument System, Fuel Flow, GPS Navigation Mapping, ADS-B Weather/Traffic, WAAS GPS, Rear Power Port, and more.




Powerplant 100 hp Continental O-200-D
TBO 2,000 hr
Propeller Sensenich ground adjustable
Climb, sea level 750 fpm
Takeoff, ground roll 310 ft
Speed, max. level 112 mph (97 KTAS)
Stall Speed 32 mph (28 mph w/ flaps)
Range, endurance 3.5 hr
Fuel Burn, optimum 5.6 gph
Fuel Type 100LL or auto gas


Wing Span 35' 6"
Length 22' 5"
Height 6' 7" (9' 8" on floats)
LSA Gross Weight 1,320 lbs (1,430 on floats)
EAB Gross Weight 1,750 lbs
Empty Weight 830 lbs
Fuel capacity 22 gal (20 gal useable)
Ingress/Egress Split door/window both sides
Cabin width 28.5"
Cabin height 50"
Aft seat width 26"
Seating 2 persons, tandem
Visibility Skylight w/ aft D-windows

Priced from $141,900. Download Price Sheet & Order Form

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The closed cowl Legend Cub has a PA-11 style pressure cowl with 
the classic O-200 engine, from $141,900.
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The Legend Cub is a two-place, LSA certified aircraft designed for airfields of any size and surface. The Legend Cub takes you to more places than ever before.
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"I have seen much better directional control with my students’ takeoffs and landings after spending time in the Cub. They tend to be much more subtle on the controls after flying the Cub as well."
- Robert Baker, Waco Flying Service Instructor
"As a CFI I have also issued a couple dozen Tailwheel Endorsements and Flight Reviews in ‘Big Al’ "
- Garry Wing, Commercial Pilot, CFI and Legend Cub Owner
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