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NEWS World's Most Iconic Airplane and The Legend Cub

The Iconic Legend Cub
The Iconic Legend Cub is a modern rendition of the legendary Piper Cub.

Ask a pilot, "What's the world's most popular plane?" and you're going to get a surprisingly concise list of aircraft. At American Legend, we'd like to top that list with the Cub, for obvious reasons. Let's tell why...

Based on numbers produced (and according to aviation writers of leading publications), the "world's most popular plane" is the classic Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This is a fair assessment given that these airplanes are virtually everywhere and the choice of many for flight training. However, high on that same list is the Piper Cub. We contend it's the more popular airplane, as few pilots feel affection towards a particular 172 the way they might for a Cub.

Conceding the world's most popular plane is a claim already taken, we offer the "world's most iconic airplane" is the Piper Cub.

The Iconic Legend Cub
The Legend Cub continues to be favorite among pilots flying for sport.

Wikipedia's "list of most produced aircraft" identifies the Piper J3 Cub at number ten, among a stealthy array of formidable airplane designs. However, it's important to note that 75 years of "Cub" designs are missing from that list. Successors to the J3 include the PA-11, L-4, J-5, Super Cub, Short Wing models, Vagabond, Clipper, numerous replicas, and close copies of the venerable Piper Cub designs. If you count them all, as Daniel Ford's Piper Cub Forum and the Piper Aircraft wiki page attempt to do, the numbers easily exceed 50,000 produced.

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, it would be reasonable to assert that the Cub is the "world's most widely produced aircraft." The itinerant Cub has a long, storied history and a commonality to a single aircraft design, the J3 Cub. Each of its successors is correctly recognized as a Cub.

There's even a most obscure "most iconic aircraft in film history" list. Although the Cub did not make this short list, this plane does have roots in movie stardom. Piloted by Frank Sinatra, a Piper Cub makes a pop bottle bombing raid in the 1966 flick Cast a Giant Shadow. If you gotta see it to believe it, watch here.

Still believe we're skewing the view? Consider AOPA Pilot magazine editor-in-chief Tom Haines' comments about his first time flying a Piper J3 Cub, "The Cub is the most iconic of all iconic GA airplanes." Read his story at

So really we weren't stretching the truth much at all. The Cub is an aviation icon that typifies the sport of flying for fun. It has satisfied the persistent dreams of flyers for more than 75 years and has served to sharpen the skills of countless pilots.

Now is the time to order your Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

When the Legend Cub was first conceived its creators were clear about what it should be. A close replica of the classic design, the Legend Cub project was envisioned as the same airplane Mr. Piper would be building today. It would take advantage of modern materials and methods, but remain true to its roots.

The Cub is one of the most copied designs in all of aviation. It might even be considered the most mimicked in all of modern transportation with both professionals and amateurs clamoring to build their better version.

Our designers have worked hard to ensure that the Legend Cub is true to the classic. Only a very few, yet significant features have been added or implemented. We're quite certain Mr. Piper would have done the same if the technology were available back then.

"Some Things Should Never Change" is how the story begins in an excerpt from This Magnificent Life. The article states, "The Legend Cub has brought classic shape and performance into the 21st century with an evolution in design and fabrication. On its release it was an immediate hit with the f lying enthusiasts who considered its operation 'sheer pleasure'."

One of the company's creators stated why the Legend Cub concept appealed to him, "It incorporates all the best of the J3 and PA-11 Cubs with minor, modern enhancements that every owner would want. When I realized I could build the Cub I wanted, I also realized that others would want to buy them." With this motivation, American Legend Aircraft Company was founded.
A Legend Cub is The Original Fun.

"The Legend Cub combines the best of both worlds. This airplane has the classic design of the original Cub, along with new technological enhancements to create an airplane that's both modern and nostalgic. Sporty's is all about having fun in the air, and there's no better plane for that than a Cub," commented Sporty's President and CEO, Michael Wolf.

Today's Legend Cub was built on the idea that you don't fix what ain't broke. It's a proven philosophy with 75 years of fun added in.

Now's the time to order your Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000 today.

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EXPERIENCE Kit-built Legend Cub Takes Bronze Lindy Award

AirVenture's list of 2013 Aircraft Award Winners included yet another Legend Cub builder. Craig Gainza of Fairfield, California, received a Kit Champion Bronze Lindy for his homebuilt 2013 American Legend Aircraft Company AL3.

The beautifully detailed, J3 inspired Cub was finished in white paint with elegant black striping. True to the Piper J3, the Gainza-built Cub exposes the horizontally opposed cylinders of its Continental O-200-D powerplant.

Legend Cub - Craig Gainza
Award winning Legend Cub built by Craig Gainza.

NOSTALGIA Clisham Cub Honoring Harold Krier

Building precisely the Cub you want is possible with a Legend Cub kit.

There's not much in general aviation that Danny Clisham hasn't seen. And his choice for a "low and slow" airplane, and its paint scheme, reflects a long history as an air show announcer. Danny had owned a clip-wing Cub [with aging issues]... but he also knew that he wanted to fly more than he wanted to spend time on maintenance. "So I visited the folks at American Legend in Sulphur Springs, Texas."

Danny didn't go alone. He said, "I walked through the factory with six friends--aircraft restorers I know and trust. They agreed it's a good design."

A short time later, Danny's dream came to life and it debuted dressed in a red and white paint scheme honoring Harold Krier, the legendary performer much-revered by Clisham.

Legend Cub - South Carolina
Danny Clisham and his homebuilt Legend Cub.

Read the Sport Aviation article here.

See The Super Legend at Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

The Legend Cub will be on display this weekend in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. This is your chance to get an up-close look at the much talked about Legend Cub. Presented by Bell Helicopter, the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show is considered the premier air show in North Texas. Admission is free. The show runs Saturday & Sunday, October 19 & 20, 2013, at Fort Worth Alliance Airport.

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